Plenty of research has been done at the Loyola Dunes. Feel free to thumb through previous research that has taken place here.

Loyola University Chicago Student Research:

  • Undergraduate freshman, Melaney Dunne and Amber Vignieri, supplied their scientific-based knowledge in a service project for their Environmental Sustainability class in April 2012. Below are the results of their experiment.
    Write Up ENVS 283 dunes write u (1)
    Powerpoint Presentationmel and amber dunes squares! (1)
  • Undergraduate freshman, Katie Pacholski, Carrie Donohoe, Bill Theis, and Jessie Morgan collaborated to complete area 3 of the project their environmental sustainability class participated in by testing the cover of area plants made over sand. There powerpoint outlines their discoveries which coincide with the research done in the two projects about.
    Powerpoint Presentation Dunes Project
  • Kassandra Hale, Kacper Jastrzebski, Sam Oh, and Sean Kelly, freshman undergraduate students, gave their greatest efforts to combine both their love for the dunes and community by pulling together a presentation on how we can get kids involved. Below is their Environmental Sustainability class presentation from April 2012.
    Powerpoint Presentation Envs Powerpoint

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