At Long Last Signs



Five years ago we requested signs.  The Chicago Park District set aside some money.  Alderman Joe Moore increased the money so we could have another sign.  Bureaucracy happened.  Staff came and went. Contractors changed.  But at long last, WE HAVE SIGNS!  It makes the dunes seem legitimate and not just a pile of weeds.  They explain about the migration.  They give a brief description of the history.  They identify some of the iconic plants for a dune habitat.  They highlight the work of volunteers that attend monthly workdays in order to remove invasive species.  The point out that 300+ species of birds migrate through Chicago and along the coast of Lake Michigan (It is the second longest flyway between the Appalachians and the Rockies- the Mississippi River is the longest).  Areas such as this offer resting, feeding and occasionally nesting for migrating birds. Snow buntings are due in next month and feast on the small seeds from the grasses.  The signs may keep flower pickers from denuding the area by making it seem official and not just waste land with some weeds.

There will still be a need for smaller signs to post the dates and times of work days and contacts for the work days.

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